Make your Marketing Strategy work with the Strategy Academy.

Hi there! My name is Anaïs Bouzidi.

Over the last years, I've trained and coached over 20.000 people together with my colleagues at the Google Digital Atelier in Brussels. I helped dozens of organizations develop a marketing strategy focused on growth as a freelance marketing strategist but I realized that I could do more. 

I met so many people struggling to piece together their marketing strategy and I only had so many hours in a week. Obviously I could not help them all unless I was prepared to work day and night and even then it would be impossible to have an impact on a larger scale. Considering the fact that I am also a proud mother of 3 daughters, working 24/7 was not an option.


The Strategy Academy was born!


That is when I got a brilliant idea. Why not develop my own methodology and set up an easy to follow step-by-step blueprint to enable all those in need to develop their own marketing strategy plan? So I started to develop an online course following my very own marketing strategy template. Each module ends with a task on which I'll give custom feedback. In addition, participants can book a free monthly online coaching session and join weekly ask-me-anything live webinars. Just to make sure that you're on track.

The way I see it, you have 2 options: You can either scramble things together on your own or you can enroll for the strategy academy and avoid a pitfall or two (or more) along the way.

Not sure why you should need a well-defined strategy? Here's where I explain why you need one.

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