Marketing Strategy Template

An easy to follow step-by-step plan to define your marketing strategy

Watching so many people bootstrap and struggle to make sense out of their marketing strategy I decided to put together my very own marketing model. Tada! Introducing the Marketing Strategy Template. 

Strategy Academy - course content

How to develop your Marketing Strategy?

Each separate block within the Marketing Strategy Template represents a crucial step within your marketing strategy plan. All modules within the strategy academy are built around those blocks and will guide you step-by-step on your way to everlasting glory. - Pardon my exaggeration but I'm already extremely excited to share my knowledge with you.


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Week 1 - Customers

Define your target audience and your customer segments. Create 3 to 4 personas of the people you can help. Visualize these people who will turn to you for solutions.

Week 2 - Customer Journey

Map the different phases within the customer journey. What does your potential client want to achieve during these phases? List your possible touchpoints.

Week 3 - Market Scan

Who are your direct competitors and how do you position yourself?

What separates you from your competitors? What makes you ahead of the pack?

Week 4 - Internal Scan

Assess your current marketing activities and internal skills.

Week 5 - Value Proposition

How will you turn an unaware visitor into an interested customer? Create a clear and compelling message you want to send across.

What problems are people facing? List their top 3 frustrations.

How will you solve these problems? Write down a solution for each problem.

Week 6 - Channel Strategy

How will you reach your target consumers? Direct marketing, social media, ads, partnerships - Identify effective ways to reach them.

Week 7 - Content Strategy

Define a content strategy focused on your target audience and their customer journey.

Week 8 - Measurement Plan

How will you measure the success of your marketing activities? List the key metrics.

Week 9 - Marketing Budget

What are the fixed and variable costs to launch your marketing plan?

Week 10 - Marketing Optimization

What is working and what is not? Monitor, evaluate and optimize your activities.

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