Part 3

By the end of this course, I hope that you


  • Learn from your competitors. Do not copy them but find out which tactics work for them and then, execute them better.

  • Improve your positioning and value proposition.

  • Improve your marketing strategy by discovering areas where you can easily outperform the competition.

  • Discover Market gaps:

    • Which target market is not adequately served yet?

    • Which product or service category is not covered yet? (Only consider this if you discover that there is an actual demand for this product or service. Otherwise the product or service might not exist because there is no market for it.)


Topics discussed in this course


  • How to perform a Competitive marketing analysis?    
  • Define your competitors and divide them into two groups: direct and indirect competitors    
  • Company Overview    
  • Website Analysis    
  • Marketing Channels    
  • Social Channels    
  • Content Analysis    
  • SWOT Analysis    


Part 3


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